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Why are Competitive Exams Important?

 Why are Competitive Exams Important?

No doubt, in India, the competitive exams are an essential key to stepping into several prestigious posts. SBI, IBPS, UPSC, SSC are few names of exams that, if aspirants clear, will get a good and flourishing career. However, the major question is, why are they so important? Is it parental pressure or something else? So, the straightforward answer is competition.

There is a famous movie dialogue as well, “Life is a race.. if you don’t run fast.. you will be like a broken anda”. Hence, to test aspirants' smartness, cognitive ability, and presence of mind, these competitive exams are there. But this reason is not the sole purpose; many other reasons are also associated with it. Read on and find out.

Reasons Competitive Exams Are Important

1. A gateway to prestigious institutes

It is a fact that IIT, IIM, and other prestigious professional institutes like SBI and others conduct competitive exams for Enrollment. Also, professional institutes conduct competitive exams for recruitment purposes. As these institutions have a good brand value and promise a promising future, they filter the talent.

It is not possible to accommodate all aspirants in their shelter. Hence, they conduct competitive exams that have several types of questions. Some contain mathematical questions on double bar graph modules and English queries, which test the linguistic skills of the candidates. As a result, cleared candidates get admission to prestigious institutes, and they easily enjoy their academic success.

2. Help building time management skills

Today, this is the time of a competitive environment and to stand best out in the crowd, time management skill is essential. However, there is no certain tonic available that teaches aspirants about the same. Hence, while preparing for competitive exams, aspirants follow a strict time table and schedule that helps in managing 24 hours for every subject.

A proper schedule is a must for attaining professional success. So, when aspirants prepare for competitive exams, they give equal time and effort for exam modules. As a result, it becomes their regular habit, and in the future, they also follow the exact timetable. In this manner, they develop time management skills.

3. Develops IQ and analytical thinking

Textbooks have limited knowledge. Hence, to attain professional growth, sometimes out-of-the-box thinking is required, which is easy to develop through competitive exam preparation. For instance, many aspirants do not have adequate knowledge about solving the horizontal bar graph question. Hence, if they prepare for competitive exams and come across several questions, it will develop their IQ level as well.

Remember, we are not criticizing textbooks, but they have limited questions which narrow down the thinking power. At the same time, refreshers and competitive exam books have plenty of questions that expand the aspirants’ thinking ability. Hence, once in a lifetime, it is advisable to appear for a competitive exam. No matter what the results could be, appearing once will give you an idea about your academic skills.

4. Identifying the best career

Government jobs are what every Indian student wants. However, there are only limited vacancies available. But these jobs have good professional growth and promise a good career in the future. Hence, testing agencies across the nation conduct government exams. For instance, for those who aspire for civil services, UPSC is the exam, and clearing its Prelims, Mains, and Interview stage will make aspirants the part of national administrative bodies.

So, those who are still not sure about their career and not finding the right option must appear for competitive exams and know themselves. Before that, have a deeper knowledge about subjects. Start early preparation to ace competitive exams.

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